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Technical requirements for advertising

Exhibition Catalog:
All materials are provided by the Customer in the form of original layouts in electronic form.

Format of the catalog advertising page: 165х250 mm. (width / height in millimeters) 300 dpi (dots per inch).
Arrangement of textual information in the layout: 150x235 mm.

If the submitted layout does not meet our requirements - we are not responsible for the quality of layout placement.

It is not recommended to place text information and logos closer than 5 mm to the edge of the side trim in the composition of an advertising band layout.

Supported file formats:

Files are accepted by e-mail: sochi@soud.ru (the size of one letter is not more than 20 MB, if a large TIFF file is sent, it should be packaged with any archiver (for example: WinRar, WinZip), if in this case the archive exceeds You should upload the specified maximum size to FTP or use any cloud service (for example files.mail.ru) and send the download link, as well as in the letter set the “read confirmation” flag so that there are no unnecessary questions regarding the loss letters on the way to the addressee).

Those. Requirements for individual sizes and files for printing:
Standard - Exact size in the file: mm. - pixels

Files for all sizes should be prepared at a rate of 300 dpi. Photos / images / taken in RGB mode, in * .tiff formats (without compression), * .jpeg, * .bmp, * .gif; 8 bit / chanel.

Those. requirements for large format printing

Raster graphics:

It is recommended to focus on the following values:

Vector graphics:

ALL FILES are archived in rar or zip format!

(Larger files can be uploaded to file-sharing resources, such as for example: files.mail.ru, or www.sendspace.com)

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Phone: +7 (862) 262-25-38, 262-26-93, 262-31-79

Email: alf@soud.ru , sochi@soud.ru

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