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Catalog of exhibitors 2020

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N Stand Name Short description 1 A 48 OAO «AVANGARD-AGRO» The largest producer of malting barley, malt, wheat and other grain crops in Russia. 2 A 4 AvtoGazTrans, LTD Manufacturer of carbon dioxide equipment 3 A 66 GC AVTOKOMTEHNOLODGY LLC, Volzhsky, Russia Supply and manufacture of components for industrial and food processing equipment 4 - AGRODAY.RU, Rostov-on-Don, Russia Russian agro-portal for professionals in the agro-industrial sector 5 A 57 AGROMETAL Breweries «UNDER THE KEY» 6 - Production and sale of beer 7 A 82 LLC "Group of Companies Brewery House Bavaria" Under the brand of Bavaria, eight varieties of light and dark beer are produced 8 A 14 «BWT» The technology of water treatment helps to change the quality of the mineral composition of water for brewing, which makes it possible to model beer with specified flavor characteristics 9 - LTD BECKER Production and sale of beer 10 - Private brewery «BierStadt» The private brewery “BierStadt” specializes in the production of live, unfiltered, non-pasteurized beer, from natural igredientov, on modern equipment 11 - BUSINESS OF FOOD INGREDIENTS, magazine The only publication in Russia devoted entirely to various aspects of the production, promotion and use of ingredients in all sectors of the food industry 12 A 45 Bílek Filtry s.r.o. Czech Specializes in the production and sale of equipment for filtering beer and other drinks 13 A 33 LLC "Bin bag" Manufacture and sale of multi-turn PET-keg (25 liters) 14 - Portal BEERGUIDE Russia One of the few Russian-language Internet resources that helps readers navigate and understand the huge and diverse world of beer 15 - BEER WEEKLY Newspaper, Russia Among the recipients of our electronic publication: brewers, beer importers, retail representatives, HoReCa, manufacturers of equipment and raw materials for brewing beer, beer sommeliers, critics and experts 16 A 29 LLC «BEER-TECHNICS» Beer equipment 17 A 56 BOEL TECHNOLOGIES, Novosibirsk, Russia Manufacture of beer equipment for beer filling 18 - Brewery company «BrauMeister» Arkhangelsk Beer production using classical technology (separate fermentation) 19 - BREWER Ltd., Togliatti, Russia Beer manufacturers. 20 A 16 BOOSTER RUS LLC Compact, fully automated boilers equipped with instrumentation 21 - VAER, Novosibirsk, Russia Craft brewery. Fully launched in 2020 aromatic aseptic bottle filling line 22 A 65 Valennta VK LLC, Moscow, Russia Sale of laboratory equipment for large and small industries related to the food industry 23 - The limited liability company, WUNDERBEER Beer production 24 - LLC Gambrinus Production of beer and soft drinks 25 - GEO.PRO, Sochi, Rossiya 21/5000 GEO.PRO, Sochi, Russia The largest transnational project, working since 2001, specializing in professional photo and video shooting, media promotion, advertising and event organization 26 - GLOBAL GROUP Limited Liability Company Brewery 27 - DigZiv-BL, Digora, Russia 28 - DOBRE PIVO Czech brewery LLC, Lipetsk, Russia Beer production 29 A 17 The House of Beer Equipment The largest supplier of specialized beer equipment and components in the CIS, having its own production and developed network of regional offices in Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Belarus 30 A 19 DSM Food Specialties Innovative ingredients of the company «DSM» are used in a variety of segments of the food industry 31 A 133 "Beverage Industry" Magazine Edition for professionals in the production of alcoholic, non-alcoholic beverages and beer 32 A 8 Engineering Bureau alpha Comprehensive automation services 33 - LLC "Private brewery" Zlata Podkova " 34 A 76 Engineering LLC, Moscow, Russia Production of conveyor systems 35 - LLC Brewery Kanzler Included in the top three of the market of draft (draft) drinks of the Central Black Earth region 36 A 26 Limited liability company "Karat" Turnkey production of minibreweries 37 - Kraspivo.ru - The Krasnoyarsk Beer Portal The latest commercial information on suppliers and producers of beer, cider, and related products and services in Krasnoyarsk and the Krasnoyarsk Territory 38 - KUBAN STATEMENTS Ltd. The subject and specialization of the publication is the dissemination of information and analytical information and news from the Krasnodar Territory and the Southern Federal District of Russia 39 - The news agency KUBAN Founder and publisher of specialized catalogs for the Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea 40 - Newspaper BUY and SELL SOCHI Popular weekly newspaper of free ads 41 A 74 «KHS RUS» Ltd. Machines and lines for the production of beverages for food and non-food beverages 42 A 51 LIPETSKPIVO LLC, Lipetsk, Russia Beer, soft drinks, kvass and mineral water 43 - OOO "Pivsavod-Marxowskij" Production and sale of draft beer 44 - Limited Liability Company "Manufactory" Brewery «Shcheglovsky brewer» was founded in 2019. The brewery is a modern high-tech production. 45 A 15 LLC «TRADE COMPANY «MASTER» Foreign economic activity on the supply of malt type Pilzner 46 A 63 METALLPROM Equipment for breweries of small and medium productivity 47 - Maykop Brewery LLC, Maykop, Russia Production of beer and non-alcoholic products 48 - NINKASI LLC, village Tantsura Kramarenko, Russia Beer production 49 A 47 NOMAS NOMAS (part of UralSpetsTrans holding) has been producing and installing turnkey restaurant breweries, mini and industrial plants for the production of beer, kvass, mead, sbit, lemonade, cider, compote, mors, jelly 50 - Otdyh.na Kubani.ru Specialized Internet portal and glossy magazine about rest in the Krasnodar Territory and Adygea 51 - Pentair Engineering and production of equipment for the production of beer and beverages 52 A 6 PETROBAR Manufacturer of «Yantar» beer coolers 53 - Beer Company, LLC RPK Trade, Rostov on Don, Russia Production and sale of beer equipment 54 - PIVNOE DELO (Beer Business) International analytical journal Leading magazine of the non-alcoholic beverage industry of Eastern Europe 55 - «Brewery HADYZHENSKIY» LLC Beer production 56 - 57 - Brewery VEGA LLC, Novosibirsk, Russia Production of beer and kvass 58 - BREWERY KOZHEVNIKOVO, Tomsk, Russia State of the art beer and soft drink production facility 59 - LLC "Pivovarnya S" 60 - LLC Publishing House FOOD INDUSTRY The publishing house presents a series of scientific and industrial journals for specialists in various branches of the food industry 61 - FoodIndustryExpert - specialized editions The advantages of our publications are: the completeness of market monitoring, the speed of data, the reliability of the information provided 62 - OOO "Firma Polyfilter" Filtering equipment for cleaning air, gas, liquid media and steam, various types of cleaning heads for sanitary treatment of containers 63 - «PRAZHSKAYA PIVOVARNYA» (LLC «DSS») Beer production 64 A 140 ProLeiT LLC Development and adaptation of software for automation of brewing production 65 A 41 PromEngineering LLC, Adygeysk, Russia Development, construction and modernization of breweries and mini-breweries throughout the Russian Federation and CIS countries 66 A 3 LLC Industrial engineering company Design, production, launch of breweries 67 A 78 PROSOLOD Sale of raw materials for brewing 68 - PROFIBEER Industry portal dedicated to the brewing industry and related fields 69 A 22 PSS SVIDNIK, a.s. Production of brewing technology, tanks for atmospheric and high pressure 70 A 58 RAUSСH Beer equipment, kegs, coolers, refrigerators, kegerators, beer columns, heads, taps and accessories 71 A 23 R. BARDI SRL Manufacture of bottle washing machines, manufacture of equipment for bottling water in 5L-5G 72 A 21 RUSSIAN FOOD & DRINKS MARKET MAGAZINE International information and analytical magazine for specialists in the field of food production, packaging, equipment and food products trade 73 - RealBrew magazine Journal of beer and brewing 74 - RESTAURANOVED Magazine, St. Petersburg, Russia Information and analytical publication and Internet portal for restaurateurs, owners of catering establishments, managers and chefs 75 А 96 Ridtec, Moscow, Russia Mash filters, equipment for drying beer grains 76 - Information business portal Rozliv-info.ru Information resource for business, training and work 77 JSC "Romanovsky Product" Beer and kvass production. 78 A 52 SamaraMalt Ltd. The company is engaged in wholesale and retail sales of brewing raw materials from Russia, Belarus, Belgium, Germany, Latvia, France 79 A 30 SIMPLE PROTECTION LLC, Pushkino, Russia Ensuring hygiene and biosecurity for the food industry 80 A 1 Malting house Soufflet St-Petersburg Production and sale of malt for the brewing industry 81 - SOCHI24.TV Portal, Sochi, Russia City information portal of Greater Sochi, covering all spheres of city life and all Internet services, with the necessary information for residents and visitors 82 - THE UNION OF RUSSIAN BREWERS Non-commercial organization uniting the producers of brewing products 83 A 70 Strategy-XXI LLC, Saint-Petersburg, Russia Our company supplies a full range of raw materials for brewing both large breweries and craft breweries in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan 84 - SYKTYVKAR BEER LTD Own production of beer, mayonnaise, mayonnaise sauces, kvass of live fermentation, non-alcoholic carbonated drinks, drinking water of carbonated and non-carbonated 85 - THE PRODUCTION OF BEER Beer production 86 A 42 Technofilter Research & Manufacturing Enterprise LTD Filters, equipment and filtration technologies in brewing, winemaking and alcoholic beverage industry 87 A 93 LLC “TOBESORB” Russian producer of powder silica gel used to stabilize and selectively adsorb beer proteins causing cold clouding 88 - LLC TOGA Beer production 89 A 24 Zavod Upakovochnyh Izdeliy TOKK LLC (ZUI TOKK LLC) Full cycle of manufacturing crown caps, aluminum and metal-plastic caps, «twist» caps of any color 90 - JSC TOMSKOYE PIVO Production and sale of beer and non-alcoholic beverages 91 - Third Pint LLC, Aramil, Russia Producer of beer and beer drinks based on natural ingredients 92 A 20 Farwater Ltd. Manufacture and sale of equipment for retail beer 93 A 18 CJSC «FILTERMEDIA» Filtering equipment, filtering materials and technological assistance in filtration 94 A 27 HENNLICH LLC, Tver, Russia The company HENNLICH is the exclusive distributor of the manufacturer of dosing equipment sera ProDos GmbH (Germany) «HENNLICH» LLC, Tver, Russia 95 A 77 HEUFT EURASIA GMBH Manufacturer of high-tech inspection equipment for innovative automatic solutions in the beverage, food and healthcare industry 96 A 46 Hopsteiner Manufacture and sale of hops 97 - Chr.Hansen LLC, Moscow, Russia Enzymes, probiotics and natural colors for a variety of foods, beverages 98 A 53 ANO «CENTER OF SUPPORT OF BUSINESS OF THE VORONEZH REGION» Providing a set of information and consulting services aimed at promoting the development of small and medium-sized businesses 99 A 53 LLC «BAKLER» Decaling of glass products, sewing thermal bags 100 A 53 ZNATEEVO Trademark, (IE Burdukov Igor Evgenievich), Voronezh, Russia Directly squeezed apple juice 101 A 53 YANBERG CONTAINER SYSTEMS Ltd., Voronezh region, Russia Production and sale of polyurethane stains from stainless steel (keg) 30 and 50 liters from stainless steel DIN standard. 102 A 59 The Czech Trade Promotion Agency/CzechTrade CzechTrade is a non-profit organization of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic 103 A 50 UBC Group LLC, Novaya Tavolzhanka village, Russia Equipment for cooling and bottling beer

Event participants:

Company Raush - only high-quality German beer equipment
Royal DSM is a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials with solutions that nourish, protect and improve performance.
Agrometal Food-Tech Kft. - an enterprise with a long tradition, produces machinery and equipment for processing food products.
Sale of raw materials for brewing
Manufacture of capacitive equipment. Compliance with GOST 26582-85, certificates. Delivery in Russia and CIS. Installation and service. Warranty service. Leasing.
SamaraMalt is a distributor of well-known malt companies in Europe.
The company specializes in the production of aluminum, tin and plastic packaging: caps, caps, caps, cans and other similar products and holds a leading position in the relevant sector of the Russian packaging market and is known all over the world
Technofilter - filters and equipment for industrial filtration
JSC Avangard-Agro - parent agricultural holdings, is one of the largest and most efficient agricultural producers in RUSSIA
Brewery Syktyvkarsky - the largest enterprise of the food complex of the Republic of Komi.
CzechTrade / CzechTrade is a Czech state agency for trade support.
Tagansky brewery
Publishing house «Food industry»
Union of Russian Brewers
Tomsk Beer OJSC
Brewing Company «Chancellor» produces more than 20 varieties of the drink, prepared according to their own secret recipes.
Production of beer equipment for bottling beer. Itap is a revolutionary device in the market of equipment for bottling beer and beverages in PET. The best combination of price and quality!
Farvater - supplier of beer equipment in Novosibirsk and throughout Russia
Alfa Engineering Office
Internet shop of beer, trade and refrigeration equipment.
BRAUMSTER Group of Companies
Private brewery «Zlata Podkova»
Brewing - goods and ingredients for home brewing in the online store «Strategy 21»
TOGA LLC Timashevskaya mini brewery
Buy beer equipment for bottling beer in Novorossiysk
We realize complex solutions for ready-made mini-breweries and breweries
Beer-Technics - beer bottling equipment
Bavaria Group of Companies FAT Agrofirm
AvtoGazTrans LLC, Samara, Russia
BVT LLC, Moscow, Russia
Bílek Filtry s r.o.
BIN BEG LLC, Slavgorod, Russia
KARAT Ltd., Tikhoretsk Russia
KHS RUS LLC, Moscow, Russia
LIPETSKPIVO LLC, Lipetsk, Russia
Pentai, Khimki, Russia
POLYFILTR Firm, LLC, Selyatino, Russia
PROLAYT LLC, Moscow, Russia
PROFIBEER Beer Market, Voronezh, Russia
RUSSIAN FOOD & DRINKS MARKET MAGAZINE magazine, St. Petersburg, Russia
RealBrew Magazine, St. Petersburg, Russia
HOPSTEINER, Mainburg, Germany
UBC Group, Moscow, Russia
HAMBRINUS LLC, Stavropol, Russia
AMARANT LLC, Moscow, Russia
PRAGUE BREWERY (LLC DSS), Volgodonsk, Russia
BierStadt Private Brewery, Novovoronezh, Russia
BREWERY S LLC, Voronezh, Russia
WUNDERBEER LLC, Balashikha, Russia
RIDTEK JSC, Moscow, Russia
Private Ninkasi Brewery
Brewery KHADYZHENSKY LLC, Khadyzhensk, Russia
LLC MPK Brewery Maykop
R. Bardi - Industrial bottle washing and filling machines since 1950


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