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Preliminary catalog of exhibitors 2019

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N Stand Name Short description 1 A 53 JSC "Avangard-Agro" The largest in Russia producer of brewing barley, malt, wheat and other cereal crops. 2 A 4 AvtoGazTrans, LTD Manufacturer of carbon dioxide equipment 3 - AGRODAY.RU, Rostov-on-Don, Russia Russian agro-portal for professionals in the agro-industrial sector 4 A 57 AGROMETAL Breweries «UNDER THE KEY» 5 - ALCOEXPERT Information Analysis Group, Moscow, Russia Every day, thousands of people involved in the production and distribution of alcoholic beverages, receive relevant news and other information on the portal 6 - Federal portal Allcafe.ru The largest resource about restaurants and places where you can have fun 7 A 59 Alliance Production and wholesale of beer equipment 8 - OOO" Alliance Plus" Beer production 9 - LLC «Amaranth» Production of live filtered and unfiltered beer of various sorts under TM «KOSOUHOFF». 10 A 85 ANTICORO Babik Josef s.r.o. Equipment for breweries 11 - OOO APBZ "ASBEER" Produces live beer since 2009 according to the original traditional method 12 - Art-Gallery ( Balagan city restaurant brewery) Beer production 13 A 98 Atlantic C 14 - CRAFT DEPOT ASSOCIATION, Russia Promotes the integration of independent breweries, as well as bars, producers of raw materials and related products in order to exchange experience and their development 15 A 155 LLC "Group of Companies Brewery House Bavaria" Under the brand of Bavaria, eight varieties of light and dark beer are produced 16 - Brewery Bamberg Beer and Beverage Production 17 B 221 «BWT» The technology of water treatment helps to change the quality of the mineral composition of water for brewing, which makes it possible to model beer with specified flavor characteristics 18 - LLC «BELORECHENSKY BREWING PLANT» Beer production 19 A 86 BELSOLOD JSC The Belarusian enterprise specializing in the production of malt brewing barley light, Viennese, caramel, burnt 20 A 42 NPP Berkut Ltd Production of tanks, tanks, tanks, drums development and production of electronic devices for high-precision metering of consumption of various types of liquids production of kegs, with a capacity of 10,20,30,50l. with various types of fittings 21 - ODO Business-Inform Providing all participants in the food, construction markets and export-oriented enterprises with complete, reliable and timely information 22 - BUSINESS OF FOOD INGREDIENTS, magazine The only publication in Russia devoted entirely to various aspects of the production, promotion and use of ingredients in all sectors of the food industry 23 A 50 BILEK FILTRY Specializes in manufacturing and selling equipment for filtering beer and other beverages 24 A 34 LLC "Bin bag" Manufacture and sale of multi-turn PET-keg (25 liters) 25 - Private brewery «BierStadt» The private brewery “BierStadt” specializes in the production of live, unfiltered, non-pasteurized beer, from natural igredientov, on modern equipment 26 A 29 LLC «BEER-TECHNICS» Beer equipment 27 - Brewery-restaurant-bar «BEERFACTORY» Brewery, restaurant, bar 28 - «Bobruysk brewery» CJSC Beer, kvass 29 A 64 BOEL TECHNOLOGIES Production of beer equipment for bottling beer 30 - LLC "Bochkarevsky Brewery" Production of beer, kvass, soft drinks, drinking, mineral and medicinal table water 31 - LLC "BrauMeister" Beer production 32 A 23 LLC «BRAUMEISTER» Supplies of raw materials and auxiliary materials produced in Germany for breweries 33 - Limited liability company "BREWER» Beer producers 34 - «BUGEL.PRO» LLC, Yekaterinburg, Russia We produce premium packaging for your business. 35 - LLC «Cheboksary brewing company «Bouquet of Chuvashia» One of the leading Russian enterprises for the production of beer, kvass, non-alcoholic beverages, drinking and mineral waters, malt 36 A 152 Brew House «BURZHUI» LTD Production of beer under the brand name «Bourgeois» 37 A 16 BOOSTER RUS LLC Compact, fully automated boilers equipped with instrumentation 38 A 101 ROLLER MILLS DiAl Making mills - crushers for malt 39 B 205 «WINERY YUROVSKY» LLC, village Yurovka, Russia Production of alcoholic beverages 40 A 102 VKM-Service LTD. Biotechnological products used in brewing 41 - The limited liability company, WUNDERBEER Beer production 42 - LLC Gambrinus Production of beer and soft drinks 43 A 164 LLC GARMASH Rostov brewery «Frau Marta» 44 A 62 GEA Leading global manufacturer of equipment, technologies and know-how for beer and kvass production, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages 45 B 220 GEBO CERMEX, Moscow, Russia Supplier of equipment and services for the packaging of beverages, food, household chemicals and personal care products in PET, glass, tin and other materials 46 - GEO.PRO, Sochi, Rossiya 21/5000 GEO.PRO, Sochi, Russia The largest transnational project, working since 2001, specializing in professional photo and video shooting, media promotion, advertising and event organization 47 A 172 "T.D. Germes",LTD Manufacturing breweries with capacity from 100 to 6000 liters per day 48 A 163 GLOBAL GROUP Limited Liability Company Brewery 49 A 60 Grainrus, LLC Supplies of raw materials for brewing 50 A 20 GRUNBECK WASSERAUFBEREITUNG GmbH Equipment 51 - LLC GoodWill Distributor of the world's largest manufacturers of stainless steel products, working on the Russian market since 2008 52 - GOODS MATRIX Independent universal online catalog of food and FMCG products for consumers and professionals 53 - GUSTAV-GUSTAV LLC, Khabarovsk, Russia We are a restaurant brewery in the city of Khabarovsk 54 A 159, A 165 KRISTI LLC Producer of delicacies from game: elk, venison, wild boar, ostrich, horse meat, rabbit, lamb, bear cubs 55 - LLC «DELOVIE LINII» The company more than 15 years carries out transportation of composite cargoes by motor transport and transportation of cargoes by eurofuries 56 A 87 DESTILA Production and supply: mini-breweries of restaurant and industrial type, a full set of equipment 57 B 206 Dia-M, Moscow, Russia Since 1988 has been supplying equipment, consumables and reagents for laboratories, instruments for analyzing food products on the line and receiving raw materials, as well as everything necessary for microbiological research in production. 58 - DigZiv-BL, Digora, Russia 59 A 166 JBT GmbH + "KS" Ltd. Planning and commissioning of brewing equipment, we supply raw materials (hops, malt, yeast) 60 A 55 Joh. Barth & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG Hops and hop products 61 B 200 GOOD WARM MZPO, Sochi, Russia A young team of enthusiasts in the field of mopping-up, winemaking, brewing and canning, who has become the real professionals of his business for 7 years. 62 A 65 DOKA-SERVICE LLC Equipment for the production of beer and beverages 63 A 31 The House of Beer Equipment The largest supplier of specialized beer equipment and components in the CIS, having its own production and developed network of regional offices in Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Belarus 64 A 146 DON-POLYMER LLC, Voronezh, Russia The only manufacturer in Russia of an exclusive product - a protective shrink cap for a beer keg fitting 65 A 142 DOSOLOD-AGRO LTD Brewing Barley Processor 66 A 25 DSM Food Specialties Innovative ingredients of the company «DSM» are used in a variety of segments of the food industry 67 - DUOTANK For more than 30 years, Duotank has been producing beer capacity systems around the world. Duotank developed a unique system of internal packages, thanks to which there is no need to add CO2 to beer 68 A 35 "DFilter" LLC The equipment provides high quality of preparation or purification of air, gases and liquids 69 A 19 "ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING" LLC Production of equipment for food industry 70 A 7 Plant of Capacitive Equipment LLC Over 12 years is developer and manufacturer of food processing equipment industry in Russia and CIS countries 71 - Kurgan Brewery LLC ZAURALSKIYE NAPITKI Soft drinks 72 A 150 Limited Liability Company ZVEZDA BELOGORIYA Toast production 73 A 17 ZIP Service LLC ZIP Service is a service representative of ZIP Technologies, the manufacturer of premium brewing equipment 74 A 76 ZIRAX,LLC Food calcium chloride anhydrous granular - effective solutions for the mineralization of water for the brewing industry 75 - ZLATA PODKOVA, Dimitrovgrad, Russia Production of draft beer 76 - GOLDEN HOP LLC, s. Old Amanak, Russia 77 - «Zoloto Sochi» Town Portal of Sochi City Internet Portal 78 A 154 IBIS LLC Import and wholesale of brewing malt 79 A 133 «BEVERAGE INDUSTRY» magazine Edition for specialists in the production of alcoholic, non-alcoholic beverages and beer 80 A 135 Engineering Bureau alpha Comprehensive automation services 81 - InfoDrink The portal department, concerning which the information of a significant part of manufacturers of soft drinks and low production of alcohol, beer and kvass is collected 82 - "SOURCES OF THE CAUCASUS" Ltd., Lermontov, Russia 83 - LLC Brewery Kanzler Included in the top three of the market of draft (draft) drinks of the Central Black Earth region 84 A 26 LLC KARAT Production of «turnkey» minibreweries 85 - Limited liability company "Karelian beverage plant" Production (bottling) of natural mineral water dining drinking water, natural drinking first category 86 - Kraspivo.ru - The Krasnoyarsk Beer Portal The latest commercial information on suppliers and producers of beer, cider, and related products and services in Krasnoyarsk and the Krasnoyarsk Territory 87 A 5 Krones LLC Krones LLC is the official representative in Russia of the German concern Krones, the world leader in the field of equipment for the production, bottling, packaging of liquid and pasty products and goods 88 A 54 Kropotkin Plant MiSSP Complex supply of technological equipment for automatic bottling lines and packaging products in PET 89 - KROP-BEER LLC, Kropotkin, Russia 13 varieties of natural live beer 90 A 10 JSC "BEER AND SOFT - DRINKS PLANT "KRYM" The largest producer of beer, soft drinks and mineral waters in the Republic of Crimea 91 - KUBAN STATEMENTS Ltd. The subject and specialization of the publication is the dissemination of information and analytical information and news from the Krasnodar Territory and the Southern Federal District of Russia 92 - The news agency KUBAN Founder and publisher of specialized catalogs for the Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea 93 - Newspaper BUY and SELL SOCHI Popular weekly newspaper of free ads 94 A 74 «KHS RUS» Ltd. Machines and lines for the production of beverages for food and non-food beverages 95 A 45 LLC "Lipetskpivo" Beer, soft drinks, kvass and mineral water 96 - SOCHI24.TV Portal, Sochi, Russia City information portal of Greater Sochi, covering all spheres of city life and all Internet services, with the necessary information for residents and visitors 97 B 207 MALTOSA Jsc Manufacturer of svetlov and caramel malt 98 - Limited Liability Company "Manufactory" Brewery «Shcheglovsky brewer» was founded in 2019. The brewery is a modern high-tech production. 99 A 15 LLC «TRADE COMPANY «MASTER» Foreign economic activity on the supply of malt type Pilzner 100 A 6 M.B.S. Mini Brewery System s.r.o., Czech Republic Breweries, equipment for beer production 101 B 217 ООО "MegaService" Brewing equipment manufacturer, turnkey brewery 102 - MEDOVARUS Ltd. Production and wholesale of natural alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages 103 A 169 “Melinvest” JSC The largest enterprise in Russia specializing in the development and production of equipment for the mill-elevator, cereals, feed mill industry 104 A 63 METALLPROM Equipment for breweries of small and medium productivity 105 - Mill Fauz Beer production 106 - RESTAURANOVED Magazine, St. Petersburg, Russia Information and analytical publication and Internet portal for restaurateurs, owners of catering establishments, managers and chefs 107 - M-PLAST LLC, Domodedovo, Russia M-PLAST company was founded in 2017 and is the main distributor of the production company MEGA-PLAST 108 A 43 NEUMO GUS Manufacture and sale of stainless steel stop valves for food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries 109 A 52 NOMAS NOMAS (part of UralSpetsTrans holding) has been producing and installing turnkey restaurant breweries, mini and industrial plants for the production of beer, kvass, mead, sbit, lemonade, cider, compote, mors, jelly 110 B 219 NPM Ltd. A large Russian innovative company 111 A 147 LLC «OASIS» Beer production 112 A 33 OMNIPOL a.s. Production and supply of technologies and equipment for complete breweries 113 - LLC «OSNOVA» Beer production 114 - Otdyh.na Kubani.ru Specialized Internet portal and glossy magazine about rest in the Krasnodar Territory and Adygea 115 B 216 PAСMAN LLC, Pyatigorsk, Russia The plant of the company «PaсMan» is a manufacturer of food additives with the use of ethyl alcohol 116 A 58 PALI s.r.o. Filling lines, filling machines 117 - Pall Eurasia LLC Manufacture and supply of equipment and consumables for filtration of food and service media 118 A 143 Pacovské strojírny, a.s. Mini-brewing plants, refrigeration technologies, equipment 119 A 32 Pentair Engineering and production of equipment for the production of beer and beverages 120 - The First Russian Brewery Beer production 121 A 138 PETROBAR Manufacturer of «Yantar» beer coolers 122 A 156 OOO "Pivsavod-Marxowskij" Production and sale of draft beer 123 - PIVMAKS LLC, Verkhniy Ufaley, Russia Production of non-clarified, non-filtered beer 124 A 71, A 137 Beer Company, LLC RPK Trade, Rostov on Don, Russia Production and sale of beer equipment 125 - PIVNOE DELO (Beer Business) International analytical journal Leading magazine of the non-alcoholic beverage industry of Eastern Europe 126 - «Brewery HADYZHENSKIY» LLC Beer production 127 - Kozhevnikovo Brewery Modern enterprise for the production of beer and non-alcoholic beverages 128 - BREWERY KOZEROG Ltd., Volgodonsk, Russia Small Brewery 129 - LLC "Pivovarnya S" TARKOS" Private brewery engaged in the production of traditional beverages, original and crafting directions. 130 A 2 PINO JSC, Novorossiysk, Russia Exclusive Beer Distributor Novoross, Novorossiysk brewery 131 A 171 OOO Pinta Beer production 132 A 136 LLC Publishing House Food Industry The publishing house presents a series of scientific and industrial journals for specialists of various food industry branches 133 A 75 LLC "Pishtepromprodukt" Enzyme preparations of the company «Novozaims» (Denmark) for the production of beer, concentrate of leavened wort, kvass, barley syrups; large range of filter cardboard, diatomaceous earth 134 - FoodIndustryExpert - specialized editions The advantages of our publications are: the completeness of market monitoring, the speed of data, the reliability of the information provided 135 A 24 OOO "Firma Polyfilter" Filtering equipment for cleaning air, gas, liquid media and steam, various types of cleaning heads for sanitary treatment of containers 136 - «PRAZHSKAYA PIVOVARNYA» (LLC «DSS») Beer production 137 B 201 JSC «Scientiic Producrion Association «PRIBOR» It is engaged in the development and production of civil and dual-use products for the domestic industry in particular, it develops turnkey breweries of various capacities, different types of beer, as well as taking into account the customer’s production areas and other factors 138 - PRODPORTAL.RU, Dolgoprudny, Russia Analytical resource for the food market, news, analytics, prices, directory of organizations, supply and demand for commodity groups 139 A 140 ProLeiT LLC Development and adaptation of software for automation of brewing production 140 A 3 LLC Industrial engineering company Design, production, launch of breweries 141 A 78 PROSOLOD Sale of raw materials for brewing 142 A 91 PROFIBEER Industry portal dedicated to the brewing industry and related fields 143 A 22 PSS SVIDNIK, a.s. Production of brewing technology, tanks for atmospheric and high pressure 144 A 21 Ltd. PET FORMAT 145 A 9 PET-EXPERT Manufacture and sale of PET bottles, PET keg and accessories 146 - Limited Liability company "the Right Drinks" Production and sale of beer products 147 A 151 PYATIGORSK BREWERY Production of beer of three varieties 148 A 99 RUSSIAN FOOD & DRINKS MARKET MAGAZINE International information and analytical magazine for specialists in the field of food production, packaging, equipment and food products trade 149 A 67 RAUSСH Beer equipment, kegs, coolers, refrigerators, kegerators, beer columns, heads, taps and accessories 150 A 40 RealBrew magazine Journal of beer and brewing 151 A 157 LLC Reserve Selling beer 152 - Information business portal Rozliv-info.ru Information resource for business, training and work 153 - OOO ROCKS Beer production 154 - JSC "Romanovsky Product" Beer and kvass production. 155 B 215 Rosspetsmash Association 156 A 81 LLC Rushmelsolod Production and supply of raw materials for food and beverage and non-alcoholic enterprises in Russia 157 A 83 SALM Breweries, Vienna, Austria One of the oldest producers of brewing equipment in Europe 158 A 47 SamaraMalt Ltd. The company is engaged in wholesale and retail sales of brewing raw materials from Russia, Belarus, Belgium, Germany, Latvia, France 159 A 103 SVAM Group Ltd The company is engaged in the distribution of bottling, bottled and canned beer, mineral water, juices, coffee and tea. 160 A 56 SEKADO s.r.o., Prague, Czech Republic Exporter of high quality Czech malt and hops 161 B 220 SIDEL GROUP, Moscow, Russia One of the leaders in the production of equipment and the provision of services for bottling and packaging of beverages, food products, household chemicals and personal care products 162 A 48 OOO "SMI RUSSIA" The manufacturer of complete filling and packing machines 163 A 92 Individual businessman Lomova Julia Production of stainless steel brewing equipment for the brewing industry 164 A 89 Malting house Soufflet St-Petersburg Production and sale of malt for the brewing industry 165 A 94 "Solod Rusi" LLC Malt production, supply of hops 166 - SOCHI24.TV Portal, Sochi, Russia City information portal of Greater Sochi, covering all spheres of city life and all Internet services, with the necessary information for residents and visitors 167 A 148 LLC "Sochi brewery" At present, seven sorts of beer are produced at the Sochi brewery. 168 A 139 THE UNION OF RUSSIAN BREWERS Non-commercial organization uniting the producers of brewing products 169 A 100 LLC «PIVOVARENNAYA KOMPANIYA «STARAYA KREPOST» Production of beer, kvass, used drinks 170 A 70 LLC "Strategy-XXI" Our company delivers a full range of raw materials for brewing both to major breweries, and craft breweries in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan 171 A 77 CFT SPA PAR MOS SRL Italia Designs and manufactures equipment and complete lines for processing, packaging and bottling food and beverages. 172 - SYKTYVKAR BEER LTD Own production of beer, mayonnaise, mayonnaise sauces, kvass of live fermentation, non-alcoholic carbonated drinks, drinking water of carbonated and non-carbonated 173 - THE PRODUCTION OF BEER Beer production 174 - «Tagil Beer» Ltd Production and sale of about 80 million liters of beer and more than 7,200 tons of malt, as well as the production of the purest natural drinking water 175 A 39 ECE “TECHNOKOM” Technological equipment and modules 176 A 44 Technofilter Research & Manufacturing Enterprise LTD Filters, equipment and filtration technologies in brewing, winemaking and alcoholic beverage industry 177 A 1 "TIHORETSKY BREWERY" LTD Production of «live» beer, soft drinks, drinking water 178 A 93 LLC “TOBESORB” Russian producer of powder silica gel used to stabilize and selectively adsorb beer proteins causing cold clouding 179 - LLC TOGA Beer production 180 A 24 Zavod Upakovochnyh Izdeliy TOKK LLC (ZUI TOKK LLC) Full cycle of manufacturing crown caps, aluminum and metal-plastic caps, «twist» caps of any color 181 - JSC TOMSKOYE PIVO Production and sale of beer and non-alcoholic beverages 182 - «TOCHKA PRODAZH» Analytical magazine Federal specialized trade publication for directors of retail chains and stores 183 A 90 Trademark LLC International distribution company 184 - THIRD PINTA LLC, Aramil, Russia Manufacturer of beer and beer drinks based on natural ingredients 185 A 82 LLC «TULA MALT» Wholesale of grain 186 A 14 Farwater Ltd. Manufacture and sale of equipment for retail beer 187 A 72 FERMENTIS Development, marketing, as well as sale of innovative and quality products and provision of services in the brewing and alcohol industries, winemaking, as well as all other food-processing industries all over the world 188 A 18 CJSC «FILTERMEDIA» Filtering equipment, filtering materials and technological assistance in filtration 189 - Forshtadt Brewery The history of the Vorstadt brewery begins in 2004, when a small cellar was reconstructed and refurbished under small private brewery 190 A 104 FRIGOGLASS EURASIA LLC, Orel, Russia Manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment 191 - FOODBAY, Moscow, Russia International information and trading platform, covering the entire food industry 192 A 38 HammerMill Brewery Beer and Beverage Production 193 A 41 HAMILTON Bonaduz AG 194 B 204 HUSKY Cold rooms for business 195 A 149 HMEL & SOLOD Hops, malt 196 A 173 LLC «HOP OF UKRAINE» Growing and selling hops 197 A 97 HEUFT EURASIA GMBH Manufacturer of high-tech inspection equipment for innovative automatic solutions in the beverage, food and healthcare industry 198 A 51 Hopsteiner Manufacture and sale of hops 199 - Horeca.ru Information and tourist project of HoReCa.ru portal, for all participants of tourist business 200 A 144 ANO «CENTER OF SUPPORT OF BUSINESS OF THE VORONEZH REGION» Providing a set of information and consulting services aimed at promoting the development of small and medium-sized businesses 201 A 144 BACLER PRO LLC, Voronezh, Russia Supply of chain stores of draft beer with goods from the accompanying range (thermo bags for beer, etc.). 202 A 144 ZNATEEVO JUICE, Voronezh, Russia Production and wholesale of soft drinks in kegs, juice of a direct extraction in bags bag in box. 203 A 144 YANBERG CONTAINER SYSTEMS Ltd., Voronezh region, Russia Production and sale of polyurethane stains from stainless steel (keg) 30 and 50 liters from stainless steel DIN standard. 204 A 144 SANTI Ltd., Voronezh, Russia A wide range of soft drinks: lemonade, tarragon, barberry, mojito, duchesse, as well as kvass 205 A 84 ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA Construction of breweries «on a turn-key basis», production and delivery of cooking units, cylindroconical tanks, forfaits, yeast branches 206 A 95 The Czech Trade Promotion Agency/CzechTrade CzechTrade is a non-profit organization of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic 207 - «CHUVASHCHMELPROM» OJSC, Tsivilsk, Russia Hops 208 A 153 "Averton" LLC Plant for the production of snack products: flavoring crackers, peanuts in the glaze, peanuts flavoring, seeds in the glaze, lemonade, popcorn, water, cotton candy 209 A 96 ABC Trade Ltd Wholesale of raw materials for beer and soft drinks 210 - ExpoMap.ru Information portal dedicated to exhibitions, conferences and congress-exhibition business 211 A 30 Laboratory equipment 212 - ExpoResurs - Exhibitions and Conferences Ltd., Moscow, Russia The only manufacturer in Russia of an exclusive product - a protective shrink cap for a beer keg fitting 213 - EFKATE TV Company 214 A 46 UBC Group Equipment for cooling and bottling beer


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