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Date:   02.06.2018 Name:   Petrov Eugene.
Position:   director. Organization:   Ltd. Top Technology.
Feedback:   Exhibition of our expectations yet again. From the positive I can say that the organization, the number of trade visitors at the event, well organized business program ...
Date:   28.05.2018 Name:   Antenos B..
Position:   Deputy. Director of Marketing / hl. designer. Organization:   Machine-Building Plant ASTRA.
Feedback:   Third time taking part in the forum learned about it from the organizers. Convenient location of the exhibition location. The main objective of participation - the search for new customers and partners, it is difficult to answer on the results of the work, it will be seen after the show, then take a decision on the participation in the next year. Like a business program, especially the organization of the seminar "School of the Brewers."
Date:   28.05.2018 Name:   Sergey K..
Position:   consultant. Organization:   PSS Svidnik AS.
Feedback:   Exhibition organized well, change does not need anything, we will participate in its place and the next time. We are permanent participants of the exhibition for 14 years. We are waiting for the next forum.
Date:   27.05.2018 Name:   Timothy P. Kozlov.
Position:   Sales Manager. Organization:   OOO "Media Rousseau".
Feedback:   Overall, a very good organization of the exhibition. Dates, program satisfy us fully, but would like to have in the next year to change the location of our booth location. We participate for the second time in the next year we plan too.
Date:   25.05.2018 Name:   Deacon Benjamin I..
Position:   visitor. Organization:   -.
Feedback:   Exhibition liked, organized perfectly. Rest and work are combined organically. Thank!
Date:   24.05.2018 Name:   Vadim Shiyanov.
Position:   Deputy Director for Production. Organization:   Metallprom.
Feedback:   We liked the location of our stand, the timing of the forum. The exhibition met our expectations, next year we will take part again.
Date:   24.05.2018 Name:   Vladimir V. Lukyanov.
Position:   Director of the Moscow representative office . Organization:   O.Salm GmbH & Ko.
Feedback:   Beer participate in the forum in order to attract new customers and partners in our company has for a long time. The forum is held always at a stable level. It would be desirable, of course, set of larger equipment such as a cooker. Dates satisfied, I think, next time just take part.
Date:   23.05.2018 Name:   Sgibneva Daria M..
Position:   Sales Manager. Organization:   "Beverage Industry" magazine.
Feedback:   We are regular participants of the exhibition and forum for the 20th time. The program of events is very rich. According to tradition, will participate in the next forum in 2019 Beer.
Date:   22.05.2018 Name:   Artem.
Position:   Director-General's representative. Organization:   malt Russia.
Feedback:   Always learn from the organizers of the forum BEER in Sochi to participate was a fashion and promote our company in the beer market. We plan to participate in the next forum, thank you for organizing such an event!
Date:   05.05.2018 Name:   Mushrooms EA.
Position:   department head. Organization:   CJSC "Filtrmedia".
Feedback:   The exhibition turned out for our company productive, engaged repeatedly, interesting organization as a forum and pivonerii Day, which takes place at the end of the event on the last day, where all communicate in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
Date:   24.05.2017 Name:   Pavlov VO.
Position:   Deputy. director. Organization:   LLC "Karat".
Feedback:   Pleased with the number of visitors at the exhibition, arrange dates, find new customers, suppliers and partners. The next year, we will take part.
Date:   22.05.2017 Name:   Babkina Marina V..
Position:   Sales manager. Organization:   Ltd. PBZ "Goose-crystal".
Feedback:   The high information content and quality of services provided representatives of the organizers, a good business and cultural program
Date:   22.05.2017 Name:   -.
Position:   -. Organization:   Ltd. Beer Company "KORS".
Feedback:   All is well! The exhibition met the expectations, 5th time take part, are satisfied.
Date:   21.05.2017 Name:   Sergey Andreev.
Position:   director. Organization:   Petrobar.
Feedback:   Our company is the regular exhibitors Beer for 12 years. The exhibition met their expectations, there are new customers, the city of Sochi has always attracted. Ustaivayte and the timing and location, wait for us next year.
Date:   21.05.2017 Name:   Kachurina Anastasia S..
Position:   Sales Manager . Organization:   Fermentis.
Feedback:   3rd time taking part in the forum Beer. Like the informal atmosphere at the event is a good program. It would be desirable to include a demonstration cooking, if possible.
Date:   20.05.2017 Name:   Alexander Khaustov .
Position:   Manager. Organization:   -.
Feedback:   The exhibition has met all our expectations. I want to mention a large number of participants and visitors.

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